School Policies

The following rules are enforced to ensure that YOU the student will be in a fair, professional, and nurturing environment. Above all Dance Connection and its instructors wish for EVERY ONE of YOU the dancers to…HAVE FUN!


Students will be expected to wear clothing appropriate to the subject.

  1. Ballet: Leotard, pink tights, ballet shoes.(skirts/shorts and additional clothing will be determined by instructor)
  2. Jazz and contemporary: jazz pants/capris/shorts, and a top student can move in or leotard and tights, jazz shoes
  3. Tap: dance bottoms and tops, tap shoes
  4. Hip-hop: comfortable attire you can move in, no denim, sneakers that have NEVER been worn outside
  5. Hair will be worn securely off  face and neck, ballet must be in a bun
  6. If shorts are worn tights must be worn as well
  7. No jewelry should be worn in any class
  8. No jeans will be permitted in ANY class


Water and Sports drinks welcome in closed containers. Food to be approved by instructor

Absolutely NO carbonated beverages such as sodas or energy drinks permitted.    


Please treat fellow students and instructors in a respectable manner.

  • Students will arrive at least five minutes early
  • Students will remove street shoes in the lobby
  • Students will be respectful of classes in progress, disruptions are not acceptable.
  • Students will be expected to get along with class mates and instructor, any issues that arise will be confronted by instructor, students involved, parents, and the owner.


All students will be treated FAIRLY and RESPECTFULLY. If you feel this is not the case, please see owner Lori Downs.


Dance Connection is NOT responsible for lost/missing items. If a personal belonging is missing please notify the instructor and check the lost and found box often.